The Spanish Hub

With ease of use and affordability in mind, Difusión has chosen BlinkLearning, an educational technology company with more than 1.5 million users in over 40 countries, to power The Spanish Hub, where all digital content and resources for PROYECTOS and Alba y Gael are available.

Proyectos & The Spanish Hub

Alba y Gael & The Spanish Hub

Flexible and intuitive

The Spanish Hub is easy, flexible and intuitive for all users. We live in a digital world and it is important for educators to use technology that is easy for them and their students. The technology must be flexible, always taking into consideration that each program, school, class, teacher and student is unique. And it must be intuitive, mobile and accessible to all ages.

Easy to use!

The Spanish Hub delivers digital content in an interface that is intuitive and straightforward for all types of users, compatible with all smartphones and tablets via an application allowing teachers and students to work offline and online, giving everyone the opportunity to work at any time from anywhere.


These recordings of our webinars will help you make the transition to remote teaching!