The Spanish Hub

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TheSpanishHub is designed with a clear purpose in mind: to improve teaching and learning experiences in educative environments (ranging from K-12 to Higher Education) with engaging content and helpful, user-friendly tools.

TheSpanishHub is a customizable tool that works with all different types of programs, whether your classes be in-person, hybrid, or completely virtual.

Thanks to TheSpanishHub, many universities with in-person classes were able to smoothly transition to remote learning last year.

TheSpanishHub offers easy access to a vast array of material in different formats to allow educators plan quality classes and assign online homework. It also helps students to better grasp and practice concepts, build their skills, develop cultural insights, and meet learning objectives. All of our programs on TheSpanishHub include:

An intuitive, user-friendly app, compatible with all devices.

  • Digital versions of the textbook (html format), fully compatible with any web browser and screen size/ electronic device. Complete with video, audio, and PDF materials. Ideal for synchronous classes
  • Auto-correcting exercises you can assign as homework
  • Grammar and pronunciation tutorials
  • Built-in voice and video recording tools
  • Test-building tool using the Interactive Activities available on the platform
  • Gradebook to track the progress of each student
  • Access to the instructor resources for each program

We are always by your side!



We’ll help you create a personalized digital learning environment for your institution, customize your course content, and set up instructor accounts.


In addition to helping you create a personalized digital learning environment for your school, we’ll also assist with customizing content, creating classes, and setting up instructor and student accounts.

Instructor Accounts

You will have access to instructor and student views to be able to see how homework is both assigned and completed.

Helpful Tips, Training, and Support

We offer various online training sessions for educators to become familiar with our platform and its features. You can also reach out to our support team; we’re always available to ensure that your course gets off to a smooth start.

Tutorials and User Guides

You’ll have access to our vast collection of video tutorials that go over the most commonly used features and processes.

We also have comprehensive user guides available for both instructors and students.

Can we help you?

Feel free to contact our tech support service to report any problems you may have with your user license, issues with the platform itself, or any other IT inquiries