How can I activate the license code I bought?

Create an account (or log in) at BlinkLearning.com. Click on the icon on the right labeled “Add books”. Enter the license code you received via email.

Can I share my license code?

No, codes can only be activated by one user.

Why didn’t I receive a license code?

Your license code will be sent to the email account that you used to purchase it. If you did not receive your code, please contact us and someone will resend your license code.

How can I join my teacher’s class?

Your teacher will provide you with a Class Code. You will use this code to create an account at BlinkLearning.com.

Why can’t I access my book anymore?

Depending on the license code you purchase, you will be granted access to materials for either one, two, three, or six years, after which you will need to purchase a new license code.

Don’t see the question you are looking for?

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