Todas las voces A1-A2: Textbook + CD and DVD

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Todas las voces A1-A2 is a manual aimed at level A1-A2 students of Spanish who want to know more about the culture of the language they are learning. The book has 12 thematic units that provide information about various aspects of Hispanic culture and contribute to practicing and improving basic communication skills.

Objectives of the book:

  • To ensure students gain sociocultural knowledge of the Hispanic world, seeking to show them the cultural and linguistic diversity in it.
  • To aid the development of the students’ intercultural skills through activities that help them question their own values and cultural reference points.
  • To stress the relationship between culture and language so that students are aware of how they mutually influence one another.
  • To allow the development of basic communication skills: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression, oral expression and interaction.
  • To learn how to use the language in specific cultural contexts.