Los jóvenes españoles

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Spain is going through a period of great social, political and economic change. These changes are affecting the lives of young people, their outlook on life and their plans for the future. Los jóvenes españoles talks about how they are some of the happiest in the world. They explore their relationships and interests, and their ability to use technology as a tool for social change. Finally, it investigates young people’s reactions to the financial crisis and presents young people who have been successful.

Marca España is the new image that Spain wants to project inside and outside the country: a creative, international society aiming at quality. Each book tackles a theme ranging from the business world to cuisine through the most important artworks. The text is accompanied with photographs, a footnote Spanish glossary, and another glossary in several languages at the end of the book, plus a variety of activities. Lastly, it comes with a CD containing the full text and a video.

ISBN 9788484438625
Pages 80
Format Softcover


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