La formación del profesorado de español. Innovación y reto

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This is the first book in a series aimed at training teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, and has been produced as a partnership between International House and Difusión. It is, without a doubt, a useful and rewarding book for any teacher of Spanish as a foreign language.

La formación del profesorado de español contains the following articles:

  • From the provision of services to the creation of experiences: the need for a new framework for teaching and learning (languages) in the 21st century, Fernando Trujillo.
  • Teaching how to learn, Encina Alonso.
  • The learner’s and the teacher’s skills, Susana Ortiz and Geni Alonso.
  • Grammar drama! Why language must be analysed in the Spanish classroom, Marta González and María Cabot.
  • From activity to task and from task to learning, Berta Sarralde.
  • Communicative language skills and activities: an instruction manual, Sonia Eusebio.
  • The art of planning and planning with art, Antonio Orta.
  • Designing materials for teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language: 10 essential questions, Agustín Garmendia and Neus Sans.
  • Cooperative learning and teaching of languages: a story of attraction, Juan de Dios López.
  • Didactics discourse in the Spanish as a foreign language classroom: do we know how we talk when we talk in class?, María Vicenta González.
  • Instructions for Spanish as a foreign language, Daniel Cassany.
  • The role of technology in the classroom: on interaction and digital action, Francisco Herrera.
  • Exploring the emotional side of Spanish as a foreign language teaching, Jane Arnold.

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