Enseñar léxico en el aula de español. El poder de las palabras

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A glance at this book’s index reveals that the authors’ contributions include a wide variety of approaches in which, in addition to the core work focusing on a lexical approach, cover closely related fundamental concepts such as collocations, combinations and cognates. The various chapters also contain very useful tools for teachers of second languages, such as corpora and certain digital applications. We would also like to highlight the articles that link lexical teaching issues with basic aspects of learning a language, such as grammar, culture and teaching materials.

Enseñar léxico en el aula de español contains the following articles:

  • Achievements and challenges in teaching vocabulary, Marta Higueras.
  • Texts and words in action-focused Spanish as a foreign language learning, Ernesto Martín Peris.
  • Categorization and combination: questions about how the lexical system works, Iñaki Tarrés.
  • Applications with lexical focuses on communicative learning, Anna Rufat and Francisco Jiménez Calderón.
  • A lexical focus on Spanish as a foreign language manuals, José Luis Álvarez Cavanillas.
  • Giving shape to the lexical focus: classroom guidelines and activity types, Dolores Chamorro.
  • Learning vocabulary, a question of style and lots of strategy, María Cabot.
  • The role of collocations in teaching and learning Spanish, Verónica Ferrando.
  • Cognates in acquisition and assessment of second languages, Jon Andoni Duñabeitia, María Borragán and Aina Casaponsa.
  • Corpora as vocabulary learning tools, Kris Buyse.
  • The implications of creating materials from a lexical perspective, Sergio Troitiño.
  • If you let me choose between vocabulary and grammar, Alejandro Castañeda and Rosario Alonso.
  • Bending words: the cultural and ideological side to vocabulary, Encarna Atienza.
  • The use of technologies to teach and learn vocabulary, Joan-Tomàs Pujolà.


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