Dalí. El pintor de sueños

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Dalí is one of the most important artists of the twentieth century. In Dalí. El pintor de sueños, Laura Corpa talks about his more humane side, his life-long obsessions and how he transformed them into art. The painter’s childhood and Gala, his great love, are key features of this story. The book is also a tour of the places that were important in his life: Figueras, Cadaqués, Madrid, Paris and New York. This biography shows a side of Dalí outside of the surrealist movement that made him famous.

The personalities in the Grandes personajes collection stand out for their quality as artists and human beings. They all live in the memory of Spanish-speakers but their repetition has also reached across the borders of their countries. Each biography is about the life and work of one of the personalities. The books include photographs, a footnote Spanish glossary, and another glossary in several languages at the end of the book. In addition, all of the texts are accompanied by a variety of activities and a CD in which the text is read out.



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