C de C1 – Student’s book

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C de C1 is the new Spanish as a foreign language manual for the higher level.

Learning and teaching with C de C1 involves:

  • Having a complete modern manual in which we have taken the opinions of thousands of teachers with experience at this level into account.
  • Using real documents with a wide variety of text types (from literature to Facebook messages) in class.
  • Exposing students to different geographic and sociolinguistic varieties of Spanish.
  • Dealing with current general-interest subjects in class.
  • Working with samples of real language.
  • Tackling a wide range of grammar, vocabulary, and discursive and pragmatic content.
  • Focusing on personal, in-depth and dynamic learning. The focus on vocabulary is one of the manual’s main areas, as are developing strategies, multilingual skills and attention to form.
  • Assessing and training critical skills.
  • Being able to work with units flexibly and, when so desired, putting flipped classroom techniques into practice.


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