REPORTEROS is a four-level Spanish program that creates a contemporary, effective learning environment in the classroom in which students use Spanish for real-world purposes. The program is perfectly aligned with ACTFL instructional approaches.

A New Introductory Spanish Program for middle school and high school

REPORTEROS is an inclusive, innovative, standards-based Spanish program aimed at middle school and high school students at the introductory level. It follows a communicative approach to learning through projects inspired by real-world scenarios. The program offers authentic, engaging content that awakens students’ curiosity about the Spanish-speaking world. REPORTEROS is perfectly aligned with ACTFL instructional approaches.
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Levels 2, 3, and 4 in progress


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A student-centered, 21st century, comprehensive language and culture program
With REPORTEROS, students no longer take a passive role when learning the language; they find themselves at the very center of language learning as doers and creators.

Students interact with Spanish-speaking cultures through thematic units, authentic resources, integrated technology, and exciting real-world projects.

The three modes of communication—interpretive, interpersonal and presentational—are integrated into the lesson sequences.

Intercultural skills are taught by comparing language and culture, reflecting upon the unique features of different countries, and accepting differences while rejecting stereotypes. 

A robust Assessment Program featuring Integrating Performance Assessments is included for each unit.

A communicative program where real-world language and projects take center stage

In REPORTEROS, grammar, vocabulary, and discourse work towards communication. Students are truly capable of speaking and creating in Spanish.

Real-world projects, key components of the backwards design model, invite students to extend and personalize their learning experience by creating various real-world products, such as an interview, a leaflet, or a comic strip.

A fun, meaningful, and motivating approach to Spanish

In REPORTEROS, new words, functions, and structures of the Spanish language are…

  1. discovered in a variety of interesting contexts,
  2. explored through inductive reasoning and/or language comparison,
  3. practiced in order to meet key objectives through meaningful activities and a multitude of games that create a stimulating and engaging environment.
A gateway to culture and language through authentic materials
Students visit a variety of Spanish-speaking communities and delve into engaging topics of interest to young people.

An abundance of authentic materials lead students to a deeper understanding of the cultural products, practices, and perspectives of Spanish-speaking communities in the Americas, Spain, and beyond.

REPORTEROS includes essential questions that are grounded in each unit and foster critical thinking skills.

An invaluable tool for differentiation and accessibility

REPORTEROS helps teachers respond to the diverse needs, readiness, interests, and learning profiles they encounter in the classroom.

The program includes numerous materials that allow for differentiated instruction as well as complementary activities for heritage learners.

The Teacher’s Edition offers suggestions to adapt the content to all learners and all types of intelligences (visual, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, etc.).

In addition, REPORTEROS features an accessible layout suitable for students who face learning challenges:

  • Instructions are simplified and action verbs are noted in bold.
  • Fonts are clear and easy to read for students with dyslexia.
  • Grammar structures are color-coded.
  • Vocabulary is presented in a highly visual format.
  • Videos are available with closed captioning for students who have hearing impairments.
A promoter of equality and inclusion in the classroom and beyond
REPORTEROS offers the opportunity to raise students’ awareness of the richness and diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

The program fosters an understanding of global equality, social justice, and an unbiased, inclusive worldview.

Teacher’s Edition

The Teacher’s Edition contains an abundance of annotations created to complement various teaching contexts and styles (Remote learning, CI, TPR, Gamification…), save time in class preparation, and implement ways for effective differentiation in instruction and assessment. It also includes answer keys, proficiency benchmarks, ideas and recommendations on how to extend the activities further, and much more.

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The Workbook contains an abundance of activities to practice and expand the grammar and the vocabulary presented in the Student Edition. It also includes sections to practice the three modes of communication (interpretive, presentational, and interpersonal), and a number of ideas for developing learning strategies. All the activities are graded according to the degree of difficulty and are presented as tearable print-outs.

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in TheSpanishHub

TheSpanishHub is a safe, easy, flexible, intuitive platform offering digital content and resources for students and teachers who work with REPORTEROS. It is designed with a clear purpose in mind: to improve teaching and learning experiences with engaging content and helpful, user-friendly tools.

The Spanish Hub (logo)

The interactive textbook versions of the Student Edition and the Workbook allow for a full digital learning and teaching experience. Students using REPORTEROS can write directly in the writing fields, record themselves, attach files, self-correct, and redo activities, etc. Teachers can personalize the textbooks, assign homework, correct student’s work, offer feedback, create their own content, track the progress of each student, etc.

Teachers can find:

  • An interactive version of the Student Edition
  • An interactive version of the Workbook
  • An enriched eText version of the Student Edition
  • An enriched eText version of the Workbook
  • An eText version of the Teacher’s Edition
  • AP correlations
  • Standards correlations
  • Lesson plans
  • Hybrid learning plans
  • Assessment Program (midterm and final exams, Integrated Performance Assessments, etc.)
  • Grammar tutorials (video)
  • Pronunciation tutorials (video)
  • Videos with scripts and subtitles in English and Spanish
  • Videos with subtitles for students who are hearing impaired
  • Audio files with scripts
  • Worksheets for heritage students
  • Differentiation worksheets
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Self and peer assessment rubrics
  • Interactive quizzes
  • An LMS with gradebook, messaging system, homework assignment tool and analytics data to evaluate student performance

…and more!

Students can find:

  • An interactive version of the Student Edition
  • An interactive version of the Workbook
  • An enriched eText version of the Student Edition
  • An enriched eText version of the Workbook
  • Grammar tutorials (video)
  • Pronunciation tutorials (video)
  • Videos with scripts and subtitles in English and Spanish
  • Videos with subtitles for students who are hearing impaired
  • Audio files with scripts
  • Worksheets for heritage students
  • Differentiation worksheets
  • Assessment rubrics
  • Self and peer assessment rubrics
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Spanish-English and English-Spanish Glossaries
  • Maps

…and more!

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Luis Enrique Elías

Trinity School, NY, Areas of expertise: diversity and digital competence

Evelyn ALIZO

Bethlehem Central High School, NY, Areas of expertise: differentiated instruction, culture and civilization, diversity, inclusiveness

Sharon Ferrer

City of Pembroke Pines Charter School, FL, Areas of expertise: cultural and intercultural training

Fernando Pomar

Carolina Day School, NC, Areas of expertise: Spanish literature, AP instruction, inclusive practices, positive learning

Sonia Josa

Flint Hill School, VA, Areas of expertise: communicative methods, project-based learning

Linda Villadóniga

Teacher of the Year of the Florida Foreign Language Association Irving Wershow Award. Area of expertise: project-based learning

Contributing writers and reviewers

Bethlehem Central High School, NY
Areas of expertise: cultural proficiency, communicative grammar, and culturally relevant pedagogy

Bethlehem Central High School, NY
Areas of expertise: communicative grammar, IB

Broward County Public Schools, FL
Areas of expertise: multicultural curriculum, performance assessments, high reach curriculum, cooperative learning, educational technology tools

Fayette County Public School, KY

KY Spanish Teacher of the Year (2019)
Teacher who Made a Difference by the University of Kentucky (2019)
SMART certified instructor
Area of expertise: differentiation in the Spanish classroom

The Brandeis School of San Francisco, CA
Area of expertise: diversity

Former IB teacher at Eastside High School, FL
Area of expertise: IB examination

Flint Hill School, VA
Areas of expertise: community, diversity, and inclusion in the Spanish classroom

Green Farms Academy, CT
Area of expertise: AP

University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
Areas of expertise: minority languages, multilingualism

former World Languages Instructional Facilitator at Broward County Public Schools, FL
Area of expertise: meeting requirements of School Board educational priorities and standards

Silver Creek School Corporation, IN
Area of expertise: heritage learners

Duke University, NC
ACTFL Teacher of the Year (2006)
Florence Steiner Award from ACTFL for Leadership in Foreign Language Education, K-12 (2014)
Areas of expertise: pre-AP, AP

McClintock High School, AZ
AATSP President of the Arizona Chapter
Area of expertise: AP

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