Textos mapeados y locutados

A brand new way of working with texts

PROYECTOS is a program created to reinvigorate your Spanish classes. Its innovative design follows a project-based, content-focused approach, with the main goal being to stimulate learning through meaningful exploration, reflection, and interaction

Among its many new features, we would like to draw your attention to a particular resource that sets PROYECTOS apart from other programs: textos mapeados and textos locutados available in different varieties of Spanish.

Textos mapeados

These texts have been transformed into “roadmaps” for students with the following three elements highlighted and color-coded:

  • Frequently-used word combinations and phrases
  • Common connectors and discourse markers
  • Structures that contain verbs, nouns, and adjectives with prepositions

By using this feature, students can exercise the recognition, acquisition and production of a linguistic repertoire that goes beyond simple words, allowing them to communicate with greater fluency and accuracy from the very beginning.


Textos locutados

These texts are read aloud by Spanish-speakers in four different varieties of Spanish: from Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and Cuba).

This feature allows students to listen to the text while they read along, listen after they have read the text themselves, or practice and check their own Spanish pronunciation, among many other possibilities.

The same text read in four different varieties of Spanish

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