Reading Strategies for the Spanish Language Classroom

DIFUSIÓN en la Southern Conference on Language Teaching.

La Southern Conference on Language Teaching tiene lugar del 18 al 21 de marzo.

La asesora educativa Linda Villadóniga, M. Ed., ofrecerá el día 20 a las 15.50 pm EST el taller titulado “Reading Strategies for the Spanish Language Classroom”:

The acquisition of reading skills is vital to the development of literacy in any language.  Reading effectively is a means of improving language learners´ overall reading abilities, such as vocabulary, spelling and grammar as well as fluency.  Lastly, students who read more have a greater opportunity to increase their knowledge of the world and other cultures in particular.  This session explores pre-, during and after reading strategies and approaches that make scaffolded reading instruction comprehensible to all students.  Readings from Bitácora, Level 1, Editorial Difusión, Barcelona will be used.

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