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  • classes taught entirely in person
  • hybrid classes
  • 100% virtual, online classes
  • flipped classroom
  • synchronous activites and class sessions
  • asynchronous activites and class sessions
  • elementary and high school education
  • higher education (universities and colleges)
  • education in any type of learning environment
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#1. Choose your textbook and create your groups

Choose the book you’ll use for your courses and, with your Premium account, create all the groups and classes you need.

Digital textbook

#2. Getting started and teaching your classes

Use your digital book to access all
of the available resources.

Your textbook, with its manageable digital format and attractive design, is perfect to be projected in class (in person) or for remote use (online). Digital textbooks always incorporate audio and video files, as well as other resources such as mapped texts, spoken texts, etc. Different presentation options available.

Digital Planning Guides

These guides provide suggestions on when and how to integrate the platform’s complementary resources with the lesson sequence found in the textbook.

Enjoy all of the features and functionalities

Share and assign homework, compile lists of resources, revise your students’ work and communicate with your class using the integrated messaging service.

Itinerario premium

#3. Discover our original resources


Grammar animations, short films, and micro-movies to teach language; videos with pronunciation tips, grammar tutorials —Gramaclips—, videos on Spanish-speaking countries, videos for learning vocabulary, songs, narrations—all accompanied by auto-correcting exercises and worksheets.

Hoy en clase

Each week, Hoy en clase provides us with a news article and accompanying exercises, mapped texts, spoken texts, and additional activities. Every 15 days, Hoy en clase Américas features an article from a Latin American periodical.

Projectables and Images

Projectable material with real samples of text, linguistic graphics, grammar tables, posters, etc.

Interactive exercises

This section features hundreds of interactive exercises for different levels.

Hoy en clase Américas

#4. Continue your professional development

In the FORMACIÓN section, ELE specialists propose activities and ideas for your classes and give tips and advice to get the most out of the ICT tools. In addition, you will find recordings of our Webinars and archives of our training sessions.

For your convenience, the new ENSEÑANZA A DISTANCIA section includes all the training resources that you can refer to if you want to know more about effective ways to teach online classes.


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